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Parking information

When setting on Google Maps or car navigation, the route to the parking lot may not be displayed correctly. Please refer to the video when you arrive near our hotel.

​Please follow the directions using the brown signboard along the way as a guide.


​Spring-Autumn :Customer parking lot

4/17~11/15: Kamikochi opening to closing

There is a charge for the adjacent municipal parking lot. To avoid entering the wrong place, please refer to the video and do not go through the gate.

​Winter  :Customer parking lot

11/16-4/16: Kamikochi mine closed

The adjacent municipal parking lot is open to the public free of charge, so please come through the parking lot.


​After getting off the bus,If you walk to the bookmark pictureYou can come to our hotel entrance through the municipal parking lot.

​[From the nearest bus stopApproximately 10 minutes]

​[From the nearest bus stopApproximately 5 minutes]

* Dedicated bus stop for getting off

Four​Available from mid-Monday to mid-November


​ Surrounding tourist information



Activities that you can experience only in this Alps mountain village


"Mountain", "Snow", "Water", "Walk", "Slide"Mainly in Norikura Kogen and KamikochiA unique guide will lead you into the unknown world.


dam lake


1500m above sea level overlooking Mt. Norikuralocated inA front-line base for mountain activities with hands-on activities and campsites


Norikura BASE


"Enjoying the mountains and nature of Shinshu"

Kamikochi, Norikura Highland, Utsukushigahara Highland, etc.You can be guided while giving explanations about nature and history.



In the rich nature of the Norikura Highlands, you can play and have fun outside on rainy, sunny, and snowy days.This is natural childcare that you can experience. (Plan for guests)

screw screw tree
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