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What is hot spring?

A hot spring is a spring produced by emergence of geothermally heated ground water that rises from the earth’s crust. It is safe to say that the spring water that has been warmed to some extent by geothermal heat can called hot spring.

Japanese culture of hot spring (onsen)

Onsen are a naturally occurring geothermal phenomenon found throughout japan , but their presence frequently resulted in development towns and villages in the surrounding areas. These are known as onsen and they often feature ryokan, which are similar to Japanese traditional inns.

Generally Japanese people used to soaking hot bathtub everyday before go on bed.

System of entering onsen (hot bath)

  • Combine entering system (male and female both at the same time)

  • single entering system (male only or female only)

We have available indoor bath and open air bath including private reservations which is totally free cost.

Indoor hot spring

Open hot spring

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