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Introduction of Norikura kogen

Norikura Kogen is a highland with a spread out resort twon at the base of mount norikuradake . It is a scenic nature spot with a number of attractions, including hiking , waterfalls, hot spring and a small ski resort.

The Kanko Center is the area’s transportation hub with bus connections to Matsumoto, Shirahone Onsen and up to the summit of Mount Norikuradake. The center includes a large, free parking lot, a tourist information office and a nature center with exhibits about the local environment.

A network of hiking trails lead to the various waterfalls and other natural sights around the highland. The highlight is Sanbondaki, a set of three, beautiful waterfalls that flow side by side into the same stream. Sanbondaki can be reached in an enjoyable 25 minute hike from Sanbondaki bus stop. Other notable hikes include pleasant, wooded trails to Ushidome Pond and the Bandokoro and Zengoro Waterfalls, which can all be reached in easy 10-15 minute walks from their respective trailheads.

Mount Norikuradake

Norikura snow shoeing tour

Mt. Norikura cycling and hill climb

Autumn view at Norikura

Norikura skyline

Norikura waterfalls



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